Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Youtube Unblock Yourself

Due to this prolonged banned in Pakistan, a frustrated youtube user must have cursed "YOUTUBE! UNBLOCK YOURSELF".
There are many business and ongoing project of people and companies depending on youtube but Govt of Pakistan doesn't cares much.
Well i have explored number of ways to open youtube as an anonymous user and as a user signing in their account.
I will be explaining the ways according to users skill level.

1. Beginners (proxy site)

There are many student at universities who are facing problems and restriction in watching youtube videos even if it is not banned in country.
For those, go to www.unblock-proxy.net   This works in offices or at a place you are having an access through a proxy server.
Try to select 240p option as they have a flowplayer that play videos good in 240p view.

2. Intermediate-expert (proxy tool)

There are people who can do some extra work to get rid of the fatigue to open a proxy site each time. For this purpose, Download http://ultrasurf.us/download/u.zip  
From this link, unzip/unrar the downloaded .rar file and here you go! No need to install anything. JUst double-click the .exe naming "U1204" each time and you will be browsing save and secure. Unseen from PTA or whatever shit.
On double-clicking, it will connect you to a server via port 9666 and an automatic Internet explorer new page will be opened. By default, you will only be surf through this proxy-tool via Internet Explorer.
If you want to add this as an "ADD-ON" in mozilla firefox, you will be required to drag and drop wj-button file to firefox toolbar.

Using a vpn software is another option but for that you be will required to purchase it.


  1. Here i found helpful to open youtube and its working for me here so guys enjoye :)
    (Open Blocked websites With ultrastuf)

    UltraSurf is a free software which enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely. Users in countries without internet censorship also use it to protect their internet privacy and security.

    1. me try kar lu phr acha sa reply krti hu........:-)

  2. 04-12-2012 Tuesday
    Pakistan Main Youtube Mazeed 2 Months Blocked Rahe Gi.
    So Youtube Open Karne K Liye Contact Karin.

    Mr Rizwan - 03152405552

  3. i would like to have the literature review of the work of computer crime
    unblock facebook

  4. Its very easy to unblock youtube, you dont need to be a professional to know that i always access youtube by different methods

    try this http://www.ittaleem.com/tips-tricks/333050-how-open-youtube-pakistan.html

  5. Download Hotspot Shield free VPN now! To anonymously access YouTube in Pakistan ( www.hotspotshield.com/access-youtube )
    It gives you unlimited access to all internet content and allows you to access Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and more.

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  8. I have also used many software but the main issue is some time you do not have enough permission to install any software so in this matter i use simple site and after using it i can open YouTube easily from work. access youtube at school

  9. http://asimbaba.blogspot.com/2013/04/blog-post_13.html
    Download now and Install Ultra Surf Youtube Unblocker. Download Free Software, wallpapers, Movies, Books and Games for your PC, mobile, iPad, iPhone, laptop and other devices.
    Download Method :-
    For Download and Install Ultra Surf Youtube Unblocker. First click on Download Button with mouse and Open new window. After this a new Window open then uncheck the box and Click on download as shown in below.

  10. How to open youtube safely without any problem
    Click on this Link For Youtube,

    1-After open this link wait for 5 secounds
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  11. please sir open the ishowtube.com

  12. Proxy adress to open youtube on phone please. Not website proxy adress xhahiay like ip address hota hai n port bhi.

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  14. When I was in my College I always wanted to access my favorite social networking sites (facebook, orkut) during my computer practical classes but these sites were banned from my network admin end and whenever there was a facebook word in URL, we received an “Access Denied” page but when I knew about unblocksit.es it’s an Gold coin for me.
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  15. Proxy adress to open youtube on phone please. Not website proxy adress xhahiay like ip address hota hai n port bhi. Unblock Youtube

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  18. You Dick head it doesn't work

  19. Last year i have project in my last semester then i really need to watching video tutorials but how to unblock youtube ? i have'nt idea but once i find a good tool youtube unblocker its really help me to watch online video lecture and tutorials which i solve many problems which popup in my project work also check unblock proxy which gain access to other social sites.

  20. YouTube play a very important rule for all internet users, because it is a free video sharing site and all internet users can use this site for free. But unfortunately this video sharing site is found block and restricted, while looking on the advantages of this site we need to unblock YouTube even if it is block and restricted, because this site is valuable for students as well as for workers to get help and tips from.

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  31. Yes we now can easily access YouTube easily by just using a proxy site, but you should have to be careful about using a proxy site due to the security reasons.

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  34. The twitter is one of the popular social network which the people can use it for the business and also use for the chatting. But the twitter is blocked in china because the governments of the china did not want waste the time of the school, college and university student’s times. Because they can use and waste more time on the twitter. Because these country are the developed country and they did not know that the student waste the time. proxy server

  35. How To Use Block Sites On Google Chrome?
    How To Use Block Websites On Mozilla Firefox?


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